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5 Reasons Cotton is the Best Fabric for Kids

Kids love to play. And sometimes, playtime can mean getting down and dirty. Sand, sweat, scrapes and cuts – it’s all part of being a kid. Your kids need clothing that can take a beating, and be ready for round two.

Cotton fabric makes for great kids’ clothing because it’s strong, flexible, easy to care for, and kid safe. But best of all? With cotton, you’ll spend less time washing their dirty clothes.

Breathable in Any Condition

Kids get sweaty. That’s just part of being a kid. But cotton clothing can help keep your kids cool and comfortable even at their most rambunctious. That’s because cotton is naturally breathable, absorbent, and known for its cooling properties – which makes it perfect for kids who are always on the go. Cotton’s absorbency helps wick away excess moisture that can lead to overheating. Cool in the summer, dry in the winter – all thanks to the natural breathability of cotton.

Undeniably Durable

Just like kids, cotton isn’t afraid to get down and dirty. One of the strongest natural fibers around, cotton is more durable and resistant than other fabrics. This strength allows it to withstand constant wear without wearing out. And its fibers are 30% stronger when wet – so bring on the water balloon fights!

Naturally Soft, Today and Tomorrow

Kids’ skin is more delicate than ours, and is more susceptible to irritation. The wrong kind of fabric can cause abrasions or even rashes. So what’s the right kind of fabric? 100% cotton products are naturally soft and won’t rub abrasively against skin or cause irritation. Cotton even gets softer with use so you don’t have to feel guilty if your child insists on wearing the same sweater to school every day. So stick with cotton for your kids’ t-shirts, underwear, towels, blankets, or any other fabric that comes in contact with their skin.

Allergy Free and Clear

There’s nothing scarier for a parent than a surprise allergic reaction. Luckily, cotton is a 100% natural fiber and rarely causes irritation or allergic reactions. It’s even naturally resistant to dust mites, so kids with asthma or allergies can focus on having fun, not fighting off an attack. You have enough allergy threats to worry about. Your kids’ clothing doesn’t have to be one of them.

Wear More, Wash Less

Since cotton is a breathable fabric, it never traps oils and odors like other fabrics do. This means cotton clothing doesn’t get dirty as quickly as other fabrics, so you don’t have to wash clothes as often. But when it comes to laundry day, cotton is one of the easiest fabrics to wash and dry. Just remember to avoid harsh soaps and detergents – stick to your favorite kid-friendly detergents.

So when you’re outfitting your kid, make sure to shop for 100% cotton products. And better yet, look for products that were verifiably grown here in America, like HomeGrown Cotton. Our verification technology guarantees that our cotton is 100% American-grown, so that it’s safe and strong for your family.


Whether you’re a manufacturer looking to enhance your cotton products or a customer just wanting to know a bit more, we’d love to hear from you.

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