Every Weave Tells a Story

Just like you can spin a tale a hundred different ways, cotton is spun and woven into a wide variety of fabrics, each with their own unique properties. Here are some of the fabrics you can expect to be made with HomeGrown Cotton.

Percale Fabric


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As crisp and cool as an autumn day, percale is defined by an ultra-breathable weave that feels comfortable in any weather. With a casual, no-sheen finish, it can also be a bit more prone to wrinkles. Percale is not to be confused with linen, which is actually made of flax, not cotton.

Flannel Fabric


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Nothing feels like flannel. Made with a unique brushed technique, this weave is soft to the point of plushness and perfect for flannel shirts, light blankets, bed sheets, and pajamas. Flannel can also be made of wool or synthetic fibers - but we think cotton is the way to go for that ultimate cozy feeling.

Denim Fabric


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With the possible exceptions of apple pie and baseball, it doesn’t get more American than denim. The same sturdy warp-faced fabric that protected goldrushers’ knees back in the 1800s is now used for all kinds of applications, from shirts to jackets to pillow covers. But it all comes back to iconic American jeans, reinforced with rivets and dyed with indigo. They’re the hardworking pants that built modern America, not to mention American rock and roll.

Know your Upland from your PIma?

Types of Cotton

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Farmers grow two types of cotton in these United States. Both soft. Both strong. Both all-American. Here’s how to tell them apart.

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Cotton Care

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When you take care of your cotton, your cotton takes care of you. Here's more washing wisdom, drying data, and ironing insight than you can shake a stain stick at.

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family FARMERs

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You already know us by the comfortable cotton we grow. Now get to know us by name. Meet some of the family farmers who work year-round to grow, harvest, and gin HomeGrown Cotton across our great nation’s Cotton Belt.

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