How Can You Tell One

Farmers grow two types of cotton in these United States. Both soft. Both strong. Both all-American.
Here’s how to tell them apart.

Upland Cotton

Homegrown's Bread and Butter

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Upland cotton is an American classic, comprising 95% of the cotton grown in the US. It’s so popular, you’re probably wearing it right now! And boy, does it feel comfy. This tried-and-true, soft-but-strong cotton is hard-working and low maintenance, just like the farmers who grow it. And at HomeGrown, we grow it proudly knowing every fiber is grown American, sold American — no foreign fibers ever.

Today's U.S. Upland Cotton "is longer, whiter, finer, stronger, and purer than any ever grown" - National Cotton Council of America

Pima Cotton

Long-Lasting Luxury

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Pima cotton’s extra-long fibers make it extra soft and strong. It’s a lovely cotton, if you can find it. Sadly, there are a lot of pima imposters out there. The only way you can be sure you’re getting a true pima product? With PimaCott, the world’s only verified pure pima cotton.

Today's U.S. upland Cotton is "longer, whiter, finer, stronger, and purer than any ever grown."

- National Cotton Council of America

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There’s more than one way to turn cotton into fabric. And every single one of them is wonderful. From denim to percale, learn what all those words on the tag really mean.

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Cotton Care

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When you take care of your cotton, your cotton takes care of you. Here's more washing wisdom, drying data, and ironing insight than you can shake a stain stick at.

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family FARMERs

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You already know us by the comfortable cotton we grow. Now get to know us by name. Meet some of the family farmers who work year-round to grow, harvest, and gin HomeGrown Cotton across our great nation’s Cotton Belt.

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