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We grow our cotton in a whole new way: with dirt, water, and some amazing technology. It scientifically verifies that the 100% American cotton we grow is the 100% American cotton you get. No foreign fibers, no doubt. Just quality cotton you can count on.

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Verification Technology

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Hold on to your hats! This is the mind-blowing verification technology that keeps HomeGrown red, white, and blue — through and through.

Fibertyping®: This patented genomic test verifies the cotton we’ve harvested is absolutely, positively, 100% American upland.

Signature T®: Before our cotton leaves the gin, it’s tagged with SigNature T technology. This invisible molecular marker allows us to keep an eye on our cotton throughout production and repeatedly test it for purity along the way.

Learn more about fiberTyping® and SigNature T® at Applied DNA Sciences

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A Secure Supply Chain

Where does cotton go when it leaves the farm? Most farmers can only guess. But HomeGrown farmers use tracking technology to be absolutely sure. Follow our cotton on its journey from dirt to shirt, and see how we keep it USA all the way.

Infographic showing path of our farms to your home: gin, bale, spinning, weaving, cut & sewn, store.

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When you put HomeGrown Cotton on the label, you’re not just giving customers a great quality product. You’re giving them real American cotton they can feel good about. Join our growing community of partners with a passion for respecting the land, using honest materials, and supporting America's family farmers.

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