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With care, ingenuity, and good old-fashioned hard work, HomeGrown’s family farmers produce the finest, strongest, purest cotton possible right here on US soil. Experts call it upland cotton. But you can just call it comfortable, durable, and 100% American. 

darn good for family farmers

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HomeGrown Cotton partners exclusively with small family farms across the Cotton Belt. Together, we help support an industry that enriches local communities with more than 125,000 jobs and over $21 billion in direct  business revenue alone.

darn good for AMERICA

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We love this land, which is why HomeGrown farmers use sustainable practices to protect it. Our small farms make a big impact on the economy as well, with direct and indirect employment surpassing 280,000 jobs and economic activity of almost $100 billion. 

Today's U.S. upland Cotton is "longer, whiter, finer, stronger, and purer than any ever grown."

- National Cotton Council of America


family FARMERs

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You already know us by the comfortable cotton we grow. Now get to know us by name. Meet some of the family farmers who work year-round to grow, harvest, and gin HomeGrown Cotton across our great nation’s Cotton Belt.

meet the folks

is our land

EthicS & Sustainability

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We tip our hats to this glorious land and use every sustainability measure possible to reduce our environmental impact, ensure fair labor practices, and help America the beautiful stay that way.

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Certified, verified&Bonafide

HomeGrown Cotton is 100% American cotton. But don’t just take our word for it. See how our revolutionary science guarantees every fiber is grown American and sold American. From dirt to shirt, it’s American cotton all the way.

Infographic showing path of our farms to your home: gin, bale, spinning, weaving, cut & sewn, store.
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