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We're 100% American-grown Cotton All the Way

Where does cotton go when it leaves the farm? Most farmers can only guess. But with our tracking technology, HomeGrown farmers know for sure.

We’re able to monitor our cotton as it becomes your new favorite pair of jeans or the softest sheets you’ve ever slept on. Our protocols ensure that it’s never blended or contaminated with foreign fibers, even if products are manufactured with HomeGrown outside the US. And we test it for purity at every step — from the spinners and the weavers to the sewers and retailers.

Infographic showing path of our farms to your home: gin, bale, spinning, weaving, cut & sewn, store.

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THE science

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HomeGrown Cotton is 100% American cotton. But don’t just take our word for it. See how our revolutionary science guarantees every fiber is grown American and sold American.

Our Process
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