Cotton By The NumbersAll American Cotton by the Numbers

American cotton is more than a great product – it’s a big business too. Here are some of the numbers behind the world’s third largest producer of cotton.

Whether you’re a manufacturer looking to enhance your cotton products or a customer just wanting to know a bit more, we’d love to hear from you.

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colored cotton t-shirts on hangers5 Reasons Why You Always Reach For That Cotton T-shirt

Whatever life throws your way, you need clothing that’s comfortable, stylish, and durable. That’s why cotton is the perfect fabric choice to keep up with the wear and tear of daily life.

corn fieldWhy the Next Big Thing in Sneaker Fashion is Cotton - and Corn

Sneakers made of cotton and corn? It’s just one example of new products made from farm-grown materials like cotton. And it’s a huge business opportunity for companies looking to make the move into green products.

kids on path5 Reasons Cotton is the Best Fabric for Kids

Cotton fabric makes for great kids’ clothing because it’s strong, flexible, easy to care for, and kid safe. But best of all? With cotton, you’ll spend less time washing their dirty clothes.

kid jumping on bedEverything You Need to Know About HomeGrown Heartland Sheets

A great night’s sleep can make you feel like you’re on top of the world. And a great night’s sleep starts with great bedding like our Heartland Sheets. Discover why our customers are raving about them.

cotton sheets hangingIs "Breathable Cotton" Really Breathable?

Your clothing choice may play a part in how sweaty you feel. Learn how cotton’s natural properties make it the perfection for staying cool and dry.

t-shirts on hangerHow to Make Your Favorite Cotton T-shirt Last (Basically) Forever

Looking for t-shirt care instructions? With a few simple steps, you can protect your favorite cotton t-shirt from stains and prevent shrinking.

cotton plantWhat Is Sustainably Sourced Cotton?

Conscious of the global impact of their product, the cotton industry is taking strides to clean up its supply chain by committing to the production of sustainably sourced cotton. Learn more about these ethical practices.

cotton plant10 Cotton Facts That Will Make You Buy American

Cotton is the most durable and comfortable fabric available and is a top choice for people around the world when it comes to a wide range of products. For those shoppers who want to make fact-based decision, here are ten reasons why you should also buy American cotton products.

baby on cotton sheetsCotton's Benefits For Babies

As a new parent, your top priority is the health and safety of your child. When it comes to your baby’s comfort, there is only one choice when shopping for baby-friendly fabric – cotton.

laundry dryerWhat You Need To Know About Cotton & Shrinking

Cotton requires proper maintenance to keep it in top shape. Before laundry day, make sure you understand the effects of washing and drying on your favorite cotton garments. Cotton is prone to some shrinkage but there are ]strategies to prevent your clothing from losing that ideal fit.

cotton plant and farmerThe Differences Between Short and Long Staple Cotton

Cotton comes in many shapes and sizes. These are the differences between short, long, and extra-long staple cotton and how these fibers result in durable, soft, and sturdy cotton products.

woman in cotton dress with bicyle and flowersCotton Dresses — Still the Hottest & Coolest Summer Fashion

For a summer wardrobe that’s fashionable and keeps you cool, one fabric reigns supreme — cotton. Not only are cotton dresses practical, but they're versatile too. Take a look at these cotton women’s dresses to stock your closet with chic and comfortable choices.

Denim jeans stackedDenim Jean Brands Made in the USA

Denim jeans were born in the USA, and today there are still brands are dedicated to manufacturing their jeans right here on American soil. Many use cotton from the United States, too. Read about a few of our favorites.

man working with cottonThe People and Science Behind American Cotton Gins

Cotton has been harvested, ginned, and woven for centuries. Learn more about the people and science behind cotton gins and how American ginners are making a difference in the industry with revolutionary technology.

white cotton sheets on bed5 Rules for Washing Your Cotton Sheets

There’s nothing better than sliding into a bed with freshly washed, sheets. Make sure your extending their lifespan by following our five rules for washing your cotton sheets.

Fashionable woman in coatCotton Still a Favorite for Fashionistas

Cotton is hitting the runway. Discover which fashion brands and designers use cotton to make their luxurious clothing.

jeans with american flagAmerican Made Clothing Brands

American designers have created some of the most iconic clothing. These clothing brands continue to make American made apparel and manufacture it right on on U.S. soil.

Farmers hands holding cottonCotton Around the World: Domestic vs. Foreign Cotton Supply Chain

Cotton has a long journey from the moment it’s planted in the ground until it is sold on store shelves. Learn more about the cotton supply chain, its impact on the environment and economy, and how it differs domestically in the United States versus in foreign countries.

Made in USA clothing tagMade in the USA: How A Commitment to American Products Leads to Big Business

Products that are made in America are experiencing a comeback in popularity as American consumers are more conscious of their buying decisions. Learn more about the resurgence and how businesses can find opportunity in this market.

Made in the USADoes an “American Made” Label Increase Sales?

American consumers are paying more attention to the labels on their products. Learn how companies are able to increase sales by producing American-made products and using “Made in USA” labels.

AltThe Proper Way to Care for Denim Jeans

Are you taking the best care of your jeans? Probably not. Learn the proper way to care for denim jeans, including how to wash, dry, and maintain them so they never lose that perfect look and feel.

AltWhy Cotton Gets Mislabeled

Mislabeling is a common practice in the cotton industry. Clothing and linen labels tell you the percentage of the material within the item, but it doesn't tell you the whole story. Understand how and why mislabeling happens and learn to identify 100% pure cotton products, like HomeGrown Cotton.

Truck harvesting through cotton fieldIs Your Cotton Contributing to Slave Labor?

Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan use a systematic process of forced labor to harvest and produce cotton every year. Understand how and why this happens today and if your purchases are contributing to slave labor in the cotton industry.

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