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Cotton's Benefits For Babies

As a new parent, your top priority is the health and safety of your child. You want all the products you’re using for your baby - from first bottle to bedtime - to be safe, reliable, and high quality. And when it comes to baby’s comfort and your peace of mind, materials matter - which makes cotton an easy choice. An all-natural fiber that’s soft, durable, hypoallergenic, and moisture-wicking, cotton is the gold standard for baby-friendly fabric.

Cotton is also a hard-working and low maintenance fabric, making it a no-brainer for busy moms and dads. Here are a few reasons why you should always look for cotton when choosing products for your baby. 

  1. Cotton is soft. Newborn skin is delicate and requires extra TLC. Thanks to its soft yet strong fibers, cotton is the perfect fabric for baby clothing, blankets, towels, and anything else that touches your baby’s skin. Its soft texture is gentler than other fabrics, so cotton products won’t rub abrasively or cause irritation.. Next time you lay your baby down at night, you’ll know she will stay comfortable all night long when you swaddle her in 100% cotton products.
  2. Cotton is durable. As every new parent knows, spills and messes are a fact of life .Fortunately, cotton isn’t afraid to get dirty. As one of the strongest natural fibers available, cotton is more durable, colorfast, and resistant pilling or shrinking than other fabrics. This strength allows it to withstand constant wear without tears - great for babies on the go.
  3. Cotton is hypoallergenic. Since cotton is a natural fiber, it rarely causes skin irritation or allergic reactions. Babies’ skin is more delicate than ours, which makes them more susceptible to rashes and discomfort. Cotton is the right choice to keep every little one comfortable, but particularly for young children with allergies or sensitivities.
  4. Cotton absorbs moisture. Cotton is a breathable and absorbent fabric which makes it the perfect fabric for baby clothing, diapers, and towels. Cotton’s absorbency helps keep your baby cool by wicking moisture away from his sensitive skin. In addition, both reusable and disposable cotton diapers are now available, making the switch to an alternative, sustainable way to keep baby cool, comfortable, and dry even easier.
  5. Cotton is easy to wash and dry. When it comes to parenthood, you have your hands full. You’re constantly balancing child rearing and household responsibilities. So when it’s time to tackling that mountain of laundry, you want to minimize the dirty work. Thankfully, cotton is one of the simplest fabrics to wash and dry. The low-maintenance cotton fibers in your baby’s clothing and other products release dirt and grime easily. Cotton also doesn’t require harsh soaps or detergents to get the job done, so you can avoid exposing your baby to dangerous chemicals.      

When shopping for cotton products, you want the best for your baby. At HomeGrown Cotton, we scientifically verify that the cotton products that bear our name are made with 100% American cotton grown on our family farms. And that trust is crucial when it comes to baby products you can believe in. Learn more about our verification technology


Whether you’re a manufacturer looking to enhance your cotton products or a customer just wanting to know a bit more, we’d love to hear from you.

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