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Everything You Need to Know About HomeGrown Heartland Sheets

A great night’s sleep can make you feel like you’re on top of the world. And a great night’s sleep starts with great bedding.

That’s why we created our Heartland Sheets. Made with pure, cool, crisp cotton, they deliver the best possible night’s sleep. There’s no secret ingredient, no space age additive. We keep it simple: just 100% verified American cotton grown by American family farmers. Because when you start with a great harvest, you get great sheets.

100% American Cotton: Love at First Bale

There aren’t too many products that can claim to be made with 100% pure American cotton. In fact, Heartland Sheets are the only verified pure American upland cotton sheets.

It all starts with our farmers. Every cotton fiber in Heartland Sheets was grown on US soil by family farmers, many of whom have been farming the same plots of land for generations. Their hard work, plus some great sun, water, and soil, results in some of the softest, fluffiest cotton around.

Once the cotton leaves the farm, we use FiberTyping to verify that the cotton we’ve harvested is absolutely, positively, 100% American upland cotton. Next, we mark our cotton with SignatureT – an invisible molecule that allows us to keep an eye on every batch throughout production, and repeatedly test it for purity along the way. In the end, you can be confident that the cotton you bring home was grown right here, and grown the right way.

Choosing the Right Thread Count

Finding the right sheets for you isn’t always easy. And it’s entirely based on what makes you fall more in love with your bed every night. We believe in providing a variety of different thread counts, colors, and sizes, so everyone can find their personal favorite.

When it comes to sheet thread counts, there are a number of common misconceptions. Typically, when you see a higher thread count, you automatically think it’s better quality and an overall softer sheet. While this is sometimes true, there are other factors involved. Companies often throw 1000-thread count labels on their products, but that doesn’t mean they’re made with the best cotton. A lower thread count sheet made with pure cotton can be much softer, and stronger, than a 1000-thread count sheet made with low-quality cotton! That’s why it’s important to purchase your new bed sheets from a brand you can trust.

Our Heartland Sheets, sold exclusively at Bed, Bath & Beyond, come in 325-thread count, 400-thread count, and 500-thread count. Prefer your sheets to have a heavier feel to them? Go with the 500-thread count. For those who tend to get a little warm at night, our 400-thread count sheets might become your new favorite set.

Bring Home the Harvest

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our loyal customers have to say about their HomeGrown Heartland Sheets:

“After washing and using for a week now, I can say these sheets are a favorite! I can tell that they are made well and the elastic on the fitted sheet will last for a long time. The deep pockets were exactly what I was looking for as they fit and stay in place. The seams are well sown and appear that they will last.”
Sue W., Palmetto Bay Florida
Purchased the Heartland® Homegrown™ 500-Thread-Count Cotton Wrinkle-Resistant Sheet Set
“Cool, crisp, washes well. Would recommend if you don’t want to spend hundreds on sheets!”
Lisa G., Florida
Purchased the Heartland® HomeGrown™ 325-Thread-Count Cotton Percale Sheet Collection
“I bought these a few weeks ago and they are heaven. I'm very picky about textures and have tried a few brands from BB&B over the years of differing textures (sateen, flannel, jersey, etc.). This time, I was aiming for something soft, durable, breathable, and reasonably priced. I felt all the textures at BB&B and this was a clear best, it is even surprising they are priced so well for the quality. These sheets stay cool but also don't have that freezing feeling when you first hop into bed, perfect for couple who run opposite temperatures at night.”
Jess Leigh,  San Jose California
Purchased the Heartland® HomeGrown™ 400-Thread-Count Solid Sateen Sheet Set

If you’re on the hunt for new cotton sheets, look no further than our Heartland Sheets. They’re made from 100% pure American cotton and the perfect companion for a good night’s rest. You can find them on sale exclusively at Bed, Bath & Beyond.


Whether you’re a manufacturer looking to enhance your cotton products or a customer just wanting to know a bit more, we’d love to hear from you.

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