discover the WORLD'S FIRST verified pure cotton supply chain

Our secure supply chain has already delivered $1 billion of proven pure American cotton. With HomeGrown’s breakthrough DNA tracking technology, you can:

  • Track fiber at a molecular level from our family farms to your consumers
  • Protect against mixing with foreign and lower quality fibers
  • Back up your sustainability claims with indisputable scientific verification

Cotton grown the right way. And here’s the proof.

Download our Cotton You Can Count On infographic to see how our globally-integrated supply chain verifies purity at every step.

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Here's the process that guarantees our cotton is truly HomeGrown.
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There'sno placeLike Homegrown

(And that's a matter of fact)

When you put HomeGrown Cotton on the label, you’re not just giving customers a great quality product. You’re giving them the world’s only 100% verified American upland cotton — and that’s something everyone can feel good about. Join our growing community of brand partners with a passion for respecting the land, using honest materials, and supporting America's family farmers.

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Join our growing community of partners with a passion for respecting the land, using honest materials, and delivering high quality cotton products your customers can trust.

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