Hawkins Farm

Leachville, Arkansas

Located in northeastern Arkansas lies the farming town of Leachville. Back in the early 1900s, it’s where great, great grandpa Hawkins decided to start his farm. And today, it’s where co-owners Justin, Heath, and Mark Hawkins keep that legacy going along with their father, Cole.

Mark Hawkins of Hawkins Farm
"As American farmers, we put everything we have into making the
best quality fiber that we can" - Mark Hawkins

Successful Farming

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Today, Hawkins Farm is a fifth-generation farm covering 4,500 acres. Here, the boys grow peanuts, corn, watermelon, some vegetables, and the occasional soy bean. But the majority of the land (2,500 acres!) is devoted to cotton. After all, conditions are perfect for it: sandy soil, mild climate, and an abundance of water. Together with the verified purity of HomeGrown Cotton, Hawkins Farm is producing the only 100% certified American upland cotton in the world.

Hawkins farm by the numbers






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HIgh-tech Sustainability

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"We have to take good care of the ground so the ground can take good care of us"
- Heath Hawkins

The folks at Hawkins Farm combine technology with sustainable practices to keep their land productive today and viable for the next generation of Hawkins farmers.
Variable rate technologies enable the precise application of fertilizers and pesticides.
Grid sampling helps the boys manage the soil to keep it nutrient-rich.
GPS helps the farmers keep an eye on tractor activities at all times.
Covering the crop in the fall helps prevent soil erosion during the winter and keep nutrients from washing away.

American Cotton

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"Because damn it, we're American."
- Justin Hawkins

To Justin Hawkins, choosing American-grown products is about more than American pride. It’s about getting a higher quality product: “Consumers should choose American cotton first because it is a higher quality product that is clean, grown sustainably, and put to market as the highest quality product.” Of course, it also just feels good to support your neighbor, as brother Heath explains: “American cotton is coming from home. It’s happening right here.”

Meet More of the Folks

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Thank You For Supporting America's Farmers
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