K&R Farms

Monette, Arkansas

Though K&R Farms has only been incorporated since 2002, it’s been in the Wimberley family since the mid-1900s. Today, it’s run by Kevin Wimberley, who took over the farm from his father in 1984 and has worked this land ever since.

"Cotton is what brought everybody to the dance here." - Kevin Wimberley

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In the Land of Cotton

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What began as a humble 200-acre farm in Monette, Arkansas has grown to 1,800 acres. The land has proven itself perfect for cotton, with a mild climate and sandy soil. For that reason, Kevin devotes almost every acre of land here to growing cotton. He’s proud of his cotton, which is also why he’s partnered with HomeGrown. “At the end of the harvest, I'm kind of sad. Because once our cotton goes through that gin, we don't know where our cotton goes.” HomeGrown Cotton changes all that, giving farmers like Kevin the guarantee that the American cotton they grow is the American cotton consumers get — no blending, no funny business.

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Ain't Cushy

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The Dirt on Family Farming

Cotton may be soft, but growing it is hard. Just ask Kevin Wimberley. “People think, ‘They're getting filthy rich over there!’ But they don't see the money we put into a crop: the machinery, the fuel, the seed, the inputs. We’re not a corporate farm. We're a family farm trying to survive just like everybody else.”

American Cotton

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"American-Grown cotton does result in a better finished product." - Kevin Wimberly

For Kevin Wimberley, there are three reasons to buy American cotton: to support American jobs, to show your American pride, and most importantly, to get the very best quality for your money. “It's a better-quality cotton than what you'll see from a lot of countries. The fiber quality is better. The durability is better. The color is better.”

Meet More of the Folks

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Thank You For Supporting America's Farmers
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